Japanese sources have put a price on the PlayStation 4, while also claiming it will use Gaikai cloud technology but won’t include the PS3 Cell chip.

According to respected national newspaper Asahi Shimbun the PlayStation 4 will cost ‘over ¥40,000’, which works out at around £272. It’s not clear how significant the use of the word ‘over’ is but the implication seems to be that the new console will be less expensive than the PlayStation 3 was at launch.

However, it’s probably not very useful to make direct conversations between the two currencies, when estimating a UK price. ¥40,000 is $426 and usually the prices between Japan and the U.S. are fairly similar. The price in the UK though is usually more or less the same number as the U.S., in part due to different tax systems, so a figure of around £400 might be more accurate.

When the PlayStation…

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