‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’ Is Getting The Season Pass Treatment, “Bug Hunt” DLC Coming Next Month


This should come as no surprise, but if you’re easily startled, I suggest you sit down. Sega has confirmed that Aliens: Colonial Marines will indeed be getting a Season Pass. It will run you $29.99, or 2,400 MSP, and according to Sega that translates to a 40% discount off what you’d have to pay if you purchased everything it unlocks individually. The post-release support will include four add-ons for the game, the first of which has just been unveiled. It’s called Bug Hunt, and I’ll give you only one guess as to what that will be about, because that’s probably all you’ll need.

If you said it’s a survival mode that throws waves of Xenomorphs at you and your friends, than you were spot on, my friend. Bug Hunt will come with three maps for you to test your survival skills on. I’ve been playing the game for…

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