One of the things Apple has demonstrated over its lifetime is that it has become the great disruptor. When the Mac came on the scene in 1984 and introduced computer users to the graphical user interface, it shook up the text-based DOS market so dramatically that it forced Microsoft to follow Apple’s lead quickly in order to stay relevant. Now graphical user interfaces are the norm on all PCs.

Eighteen months later, Apple pushed the Mac as a disruptor to the publishing market with the introduction of desktop publishing. Marrying the Mac, a desktop laser printer and Aldus’ PageMaker software, Apple championed a desktop-publishing solution that completely changed the publishing world by letting people create content on demand and publish it without the help of the publishing industry’s big-iron solutions. Today, personal publishing on the desktop or on the Web has its roots in Apple’s disruptive desktop-publishing blitz.

In the…

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