Google opens up Glass to US users for testing

Google has just put a new video of how it actually feels like to use their innovative Google Glass eyewear. The video, beautifully shot and very well edited, gives a good sense of everything that the Glass can do like sending mails, holding HangOuts, taking pictures, sending messages, etc.

Google has also opened up the Glass Project to non-developers for testing as well. Currently the option is only available for US citizens. If you are a US citizen and want to sign up for it, please click here. The cost for getting  your hands on these is $1500 plus taxes and you will have to fill out an application form and the deadline for applications is 27 February.

The offer has generated quite a response as Google Glass’ official plus posted the following message today:

To all of our fans living outside the US: thanks for talking to us, and we hear you. We know some of you are frustrated that you can’t apply for the Glass Explorer Program, and we’re sorry. We have some logistical and regulatory limitations right now, but we hope to make Glass more widely available in the future.

Google Glass video screengrab.

Google Glass video screengrab.

Google had earlier showcased its device at its I/O conference last year. The Glasses which were sold to developers for $1500 plus taxes at the conference, are Google’s most prized project, as far as tech innovation goes.

It was also reported Google would be setting up its own retail stores to ensure that consumers got a hands on experience with Google Glass, in order to ensure that they would eventually purchase one.

You can also check out images of Google co-founder Sergey Brin wearing Google Glass on the New York Subway and of the Glasses being shown off by models for the DVF show at New York Fashion week.

Watch video below:


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