Castlevania Fishing Virus On This Week’s Euro eShop


Nano Assault EX

Nintendo is taking a back row to the massive releases this week by only providing a select few releases for their digital eShop downloads. European customers will have to wait a bit for new Wii U content, as games are focused on the Nintendo 3DS for now.

Most notably, Castelvania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate will be available as a full title for download, starting Friday instead of the rest of the update that happens on Thursday. For €44.99, players can take on an adventure with a whip in hand, as they venture into the new 3D world of Castlevania, while retaining a 2D perspective. If you’re unsure whether this world is one for you, we have some words in our recent preview.

Legend Of The River KingAlso on 3DS, the miniature shoot ‘em up Nano Assault EX will be available for a smaller price of €14.99. A ship travels through a cellular structure and battles the evil diseases within. It has a rather appealing visual style. For a more relaxed experience, you can purchase Legend of the River King for just €4.99. It’s like the Harvest Moon series, except with a lot of fishing involved. Aside from just catching fish, players can also sell them at market or breed them to create new evolutions.

Finally, the Wii adds Metal Slug 4 for 900 Wii points. Continuing a tradition to add the Neo Geo era to its platform, the Wii hereby receives one of the most hectic side-scrolling action franchises ever created.



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