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Monster Square appeared with many Updates in Einherjar! Views: 219

As we have announced last week, there will be soon big updates of the summoning feature in Einherjar, and now is the time to release such improvement and upgrades. After the maintenance today (6 March GMT+8) is completed, enter the world of Einherjar you will be welcome with the remarkable changes as below.


First of all, there will be more new fighting units joining your adventure in the Viking world. They are fierce monsters that have been defeated by Einherjar heroes and now have surrendered their evil path to fight alongside with you. They can be summoned by gold from a brand new building called MONSTER SQUARE!

For this update time, those new monster units include Fairy->Sylph->DarkSylph/High Sylph, Undead->Skull Viking->Dark Night, Ogre->Juton->Ymir/Muspel. In order to transform your monsters to upper jobs you will need to train and sacrifice them to obtain respective Monster Souls then produce Monster Proofs which can be used as Runic Proof and Valhalla God Proof. And you can also have monster units mate with each other to inherit stats and skills like normal. So start your new adventure with new team units in Einherjar now!



Secondly, the hero summon will be adjusted properly to bring you more benefits when using Power. From now on, elite heroes with special skills (Lightning Attack, Direct Attack, God Luck, etc.) will be ready to be summoned at the square at a certain rate, making your Power consumption more valuable. Along with the square upgraded to level 5 as in the latest announcement, more heroes with strong skills and bloods will be easier for you to summon successfully for your army. So upgrade your Square now if you haven’t done it to enjoy the benefit.


Thirdly, brand new skills and crystals will be also updated, including Magic Counter Attack, Magic Filter, Grudge, HP Up, and Spirit Defense. However, 3 skills namely Spirit Defense (Fairy), HP Up (Ogre) and Grudge (Undead) will be inherited only along units of the same job. So pay attention to that when planning next generations of your monster fighters.


Moreover, now by having your units perform training at your home base you will be able to collect God Bloods material (Odin, Freya, Thor) in order to give you more ways to develop your Viking units. And another important improvement is in the sacrifice ceremony. After today, by sacrificing warriors, you will be likely to receive special materials like Strength Blood, Techique Blood, Agility Blood, etc. in addition to normal Soul Chalices. However, that will be based on the randomness, so it is your mere luck that gives you special gifts.


And the last is a small update for Edinburgh market that now will exhibit more armors for you to purchase. Although they are not extremely powerful items which can be only earned through long progress of collecting and production, they are still a good choice for players at low levels.


In summary, with those above mentioned updates, now you can build up and strengthen your Viking army more easily and quickly. So remember to rejoin Einherjar after the maintenance today and start exploring the changes which are implemented to improve your gaming experience in Einherjar – The Viking’s Blood.